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En la versión danesa del portal Berlingske News, en su portal de la Internet..​danske-bank-involved-in-dominic​an-election-scandal un funcionario estatal danés, citado por su homólogo dominicano, le dijo al portal que estaba sorprendido por haber sido citado.

Danske Bank involved in Dominican election scandal
Millions of euro stashed away?
Af Howard Knowles
24. februar 2012, 13:39 – opdateret 24. februar 2012, 14:00
The Danske Bank, Denmark's biggest bank, has become embroiled in an election campaign scandal in the Dominican Republic.

Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, wife of President Leonel Fernández and candidate for vice-president, has been accused of concealing €43.8m (DKK325m) in one, or possibly more, accounts, at the Bank, money that was allegedly obtained by corruption.

Although investigative journalist Marcos Martinez claims to have documents and statements showing the amount, name, and account number of a Danske Bank account in her name, Ms Fernandez has strongly rejected all charges of corruption and dismissed the 'disgusting' accusations as a smear campaign instigated by the opposition.

Head of media relations at Danske Bank, Kenni Leth, said to Berlingske News Bureau that he's been aware of the allegations for some time, but refused to confirm or deny whether Ms Fenandez is a customer of the Bank. He said: "We have informed the Finanstilsynet (Danish Financial Supervisory Authority) about the allegations but legislation prevents us from informing who is, or isn't, a customer."

The Finanstilsynet has also refused to deny or reject any knowledge of Margarita Fernández, even though a number of Dominican newspapers claim to have proof of correspondence between the authority and its counterpart in the Dominican Republic, in which the Finanstilsynet denies that the president's wife has a Danish bank account.

The waters have been muddied even more by a picture circulating on the internet of her alleged Netbank account at the Danske Bank - a forgery, according to Mr Leth.

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